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Information central for parenting with breast cancer.


Parents might want to use illustrations to facilitate conversations with their children about breast cancer. Here are links to some drawings that might be helpful. Before using them, consider whether the illustrations will be disturbing to your child. Pictures can help make abstract medical concepts more real, but some children fare better when these concepts remain abstract. Factors to think about are your child’s age, interest level, comfort level with medical situations, and need for detail.

1. Woman’s Torso

2. Woman’s Torso with Lumpectomy

3. Woman’s Torso with Masectomy

4. Woman’s Torso with Port

5. Breast Tissue

6. Cells

7. Reproductive System

8. Breast Implant

9. IV, Vein and Port

10. Surgical Drain

The illustrations featured here were commissioned by this website, and their use has been donated by the illustrator, Sara Gershan. Sara is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a medical student at Touro University in Las Vegas, Nevada.