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Information central for parenting with breast cancer.

Tools For Your Kids

My Pictures of Mommy

Coloring page for drawing Mommy before, during, and after treatment. Download this tool.

Feelings Faces

Illustrations to help your child talk about his feelings. Download this tool.

Feelings Faces Without Words

Illustrations without the descriptors, which will allow your child to identify the feelings on his own. Download this tool.

Sadness Scale

Pictures that will help your child understand levels of sadness. Download this tool.

Self Portrait

Coloring page for your child to draw his own self-portrait. Download this tool.

Changing Seasons

Coloring page illustrating the changing seasons, which are like the changes caused by breast cancer. Download this tool.

Managing Your Feelings for Older Kids

Worksheet to help older kids understand and manage their feelings about your disease. Download this tool.